Hidden Messages In Signs

A good logo is important for every successful business. Many of the most recognisable and impressionable logos are very simple – and this is often an effective way of ensuring they are remembered and recognised wherever you may come across them. Some logos, however, have a less obvious appeal. Many companies have managed to create logos that subtly connect consumers to their brand, without them even noticing!

Amazon –The orange arrow going from A- Z in the amazon logo is designed to represent the companies’ vast product range, and additionally represents the smile you receive when shopping with Amazon.

FedEx – The white space between the ‘E’ and the ’x’ shows a right facing arrow.  This is placed with the intention of subliminally telling customers about the companies’ goals of speed and precision.


Le Tour De France – The Le Tour De France logo has 2 hidden meanings. The more obvious is the cyclist shown by the ‘o’ and the ‘r’ in the word tour. The second is the yellow circle, which represent that the stages of the race only take place in the daytime.

Museum of London – This logo at first glance just seems like a quirky modern piece of artwork.  In fact the overlapping layers represent the map outline of London at different points in the cities long history.

Beats – The ‘b’ in the red circle represents the brands main product, a pair of headphones, being worn.

Sony VAIO – Only being obvious to those with a bit of industry knowledge, the Sony VAIO logo represents the integration of analogue and digital technology. The ‘VA’ shows analogue waves whilst the ‘IO’ represents binary code.

NBC – The NBC logo has historical significance, and was created in America when the country was transitioning from black and white to colour televisions. The colourful peacock was selected to remind customers with old TVs that they were missing out on new colour programming.

UNILEVER –  Unilever is an umbrella company that is responsible for many well-known brands and products, and its logo represents this point.  The large ‘U’ contains over 20 icons that depict the vast amount of goods Unilever provides.