Reflective Vehicle Livery and Chevrons for Vans and Lorries

Chapter 8 Signs example

If you’re looking for Chapter 8 signs, reflective Graphics have been around since the 1930’s when 3 m invented glass bead reflective tape. The type of material we use today was discovered around 1960 when Reflexite invented micro-prismatic tape.

The reflective materials available today is vast and Action Signs use many of the leading manufactures products to make eye-catching highly visible van and lorry signs and graphics below are some samples of whats available and some recent jobs to display how effective they can be for safety and decorative purposes.

What should compliant Chapter 8 Signs include?

Chevron markings comprising alternate strips of “Class Ref 2” to BS EN 12899-1 or retro-reflective grade orange-red retro-reflective material and fluorescent yellow non retro-reflective material of not less than 150mm width each, inclined at 45-60° to the horizontal and pointing upwards, or a solid block of fluorescent orange/red
retro-reflective material.

These markings should cover as much of the rear-facing portion of the vehicle as possible without obscuring windows, vehicle lighting or registration plates.

Florescent vs. yellow vinyl

It is not a requirement to use florescent yellow under Chapter 8 so we tend to use a standard yellow for longevity and durability; you will get 7-10 years of use out of standard vinyl whereas florescent yellow lasts around 2 years.

Brands we use include 3M, Reflexite, Avery Dennison.

Chapter 8 documents

Documentation relating to the requirements under Chapter 8 can be viewed on the department of transport website here. If you have any questions we would be very happy to assist you with the marking of your vehicles in accordance with these rules.

See more examples of vans with chevrons here. Or, if you are interested in seeing what we can do with other types of van signs generally, check out our van signs page.